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The Size of the World

Autor: Charles Evered

Infos zur Lesung:
Datum der Lesung: 1989
Ereignis: Williamstown Theater Festival
Ort: Williamstown, Massachusetts / USA
Infos zu diesem Bericht:
Quelle: Website der New York
Autor: Charles Evered
Veröffentlicht am:  ?
Die Vorleser:
William Fichtner
Olympia Dukakis
Louis Zorich

Infos zu diesem Theaterstück, das bei mehreren Gelegenheiten natürlich auch auf der Bühne aufgeführt wurde:
"The Size of the World" included in published edition of The Size of the World and Other Plays, (Billings/Morris). First produced as a "101 Project" at Yale, starring Sean Cullen, Zoey Zimmerman and Joseph Fuqua. Directed by Elizabeth Margid, 1989. Given a reading at The Williamstown Theatre Festival in 1989 starring William Fichtner, Olympia Dukakis and Louis Zorich, directed by Steve Lawson. Subsequently produced by Lloyd Richards in 1991 as a "Winterfest" production at Yale Repertory Theatre, starring Mary Fogarty, Liev Schrieber and Conrad McClaren, 1991. Subsequent productions regionally and at Circle Rep in NYC, where it starred Frank Whaley, Louis Zorich and Rita Moreno in 1996. Author presented with $15,000 Berilla Kerr Award, 1991. Adapted into a screenplay by Evered and Liev Schreiber. A down and out young man tries to use his skills as a professional "public speaker" to escape his past. 3 characters, 2m 1f.

Auszug aus einem Interview mit Charles Evered, dem Autoren des Theaterstücks:
Question: Was "The Size of the World" the first play of yours done in a theatre of note? And what did that play getting produced do for you?
C. Evered: Well, I had had a play produced at The Actor's Studio in New York first, but "Size" really was a great experience. It was first done as a workshop at The Yale School of Drama starring Sean Cullen. Then Lloyd Richards produced it as part of the Winterfest at Yale Rep. Walt Jones directed and Liev Schreiber played the role of Peter Hogancamp. The plays reception was a great blessing to me. It went on to be done as a reading at The Williamstown Theatre Festival with Olympia Dukakis, Louis Zorich and William Fichtner and then given a full production at Circle Rep, directed by Austin Pendleton and starring Frank Whaley, Rita Moreno and Louis Zorich. My first agent, the late great Mary Meagher, was a great champion of the play.