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dem 4. April 2007


Welcome on the German William Fichtner Fansite

This fansite is an unofficial website created by a fan for others fans.

What you can do here:

●  Rate the movies and series and watch little videos or trailers
On each page of the movies and series descriptions (see "Filme" and "Serien" links) is a voting-system where you can rate the movie/show by clicking on the stars. Additionally there are mostly videos embeded on these pages, which are showing some of William's scenes or trailers.

●  Take part in the surveys
By clicking the link "Umfragen" in the left menu, you will be forwarded to a page on which are some questions.

●  Leave a comment in the guestbook
I would be very pleased if you would sign the guestbook. You can leave there a comment about William or the fan site and you can write in English or German.

●  The little German-English dictionary
Judging on the visitor statistics of this website, a lot of visitors are from all over the world, which means that the most of them don't understand the German language. For all these people I've created a little "dictionary page", where some of the important or often used German words are translated in English.  Click here to visit this page.

●  Translations of longer texts and single words
Longer texts from this website you can translate with the " Google Translator" for example. Choose there the languages (from/to), type or copy the text in the field and then click on "translate".
The results aren't often complete correct but this is better instead of you would understand nothing of the strange German words here. :-)  Also you can use for translations the online dictionary from .

●  Facebook
I've registered an account on Facebook, where everybody can write messages and comments about William and other relating stuff. You can write there in German and English:

Become a fan on Facebook and click there on "like it":

Some short English explanations are added on a few pages of this website. They are marked with this flag:  flag uk

Finally I wish you a good time on my website and if you want, please take part on the survey below.


How did you find this website?
by a search engine (google etc.)
by a link/banner on a website (on the affiliates/partner page)
by another website/forum, where it was mentioned in an article/posting
somebody has recommended it to you
I myself have recommended it to you
by an entry of me in YOUR guestbook
by an entry of me in ANOTHER guestbook
by something other

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